Glamping BC

‘Glamping’ in B.C. reaches new heights with comforts like spa tents / Glamor camping business booms in BC

CBC NEWS By Tina Lovgreen

Interest in glamour camping or ‘glamping’ in the wilds of beautiful British Columbia has really taken off and more businesses are banking on people’s love for a comfortable adventure.

The diversity of the “glamping” business is also growing. For a more traditional outdoor experience campers can choose from retro trailers like a 25′ Airstream by WOODS on Pender, located on Pender Island. Glamping Hub — the online booking platform for glamorous camping sites — said Canada is one of its biggest markets for reservations, second to the U.S. It has over 100 accommodations listed in Canada.

While these resorts take out the “roughing it” aspect of camping, they can carry a hefty price tag or charge as much of a hotel in downtown Vancouver. Regardless of price tag, many of them are sold out in the summer months.

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