If You Go Down To The WOODS Today

When Ecstatic helped launch the WOODS on Pender resort just over a year ago we knew we had connected with something special. We created a strong character and overall identity that really harmonized with their own vision of modern camping, or glamping as it’s affectionately called. It included the designing of a website, branding, business cards, and photography. Since then it has had nothing but positive feedback from reviews, blogs and trip websites; most recently by Local Wanderer who as always have some beautiful photography to show from their stay.


Pender Island is located in the Gulf of Georgia, BC. Accessible via ferry, seaplane or water taxi from the shores of Canada or the States, unless you own your own boat, in which case what are you waiting for?! There’s an abundance of activities, if you’re worried about how small it is, including kayaking, paddle board yoga, a farmers market, museums, wineries, golf, bike rentals, fishing charters, hiking, beach combing and thrift store shopping. Of course many will prefer to just get away from it all and take some time out to relax in the tranquility of nature. Gazing up at the night sky in a hammock, surrounded by nature, after a barbecue is a great way to unwind after all..


WOODS is a 7.3 acre property, mainly forest, located minutes from the Otter Bay Ferry terminal on the North Island and offers stays in their six Airstreams, three Rustic Cabins, a renovated Shasta Airflyte or nine room Lodge. There’s also a cafe, Coffee + Kitchen, on site that offers local fresh food, coffee, wine and beer on tap. Essentially everything you could possibly need within a few metres. Did I mention they have hammocks?

Since launch a year ago we helped with an update of their Grounds map, after a bit of a reshuffle at the resort. It always helps keeping things fresh!


We also implemented a new booking system, using Check Front, allowing increased integration with AirBnb and Tripadvisor. As such reservations are now much smoother, easier to manage and have continued to increase. Indeed you’d be hard pressed to find availability in one of their Airstreams at the weekend, unless booking a little while in advance.

Even as we pass into fall, and move a little closer to winter, Pender Island enjoys a sub-mediterranean climate due to the protection of Vancouver Island and the Olympic Mountain range nearby. So there is considerably less rain and more sunshine than in other areas. Put it this way; it’s going to be an awesome glamping experience all year round!

Image Credit: Jeremy van Nieuwkerk, WOODS on Pender, Local Wanderer