Lost Solace Wins Best Director

Lost Solace, directed by Chris Scheurman, is a fast paced psychological thriller about Spence Cutler, a young psychopath and con artist, who begins to feel emotion after a fateful encounter with a new drug. It’s a very unique concept that blends psychedelic cinematography with a look at what it means to be human; a man coming face to face with his own morality. It stars Andrew Jenkins, who also helped to write the story, as the psychopath in question; a face you may recognize from a few episodes of the fantastic American adaptation of The Killing, as well as Once Upon a Time.

Naturally we were thrilled (no pun intended) when we were asked to help create the branding and identity for the film; including the logo, website, theater poster and social media setup. The psychedelic, hallucinatory theme was integral to the movie, so it was something we explored, as well as the importance of having the spotlight cast on Spence Cutler himself. It was a project quite different to others we had worked on and we were very happy with the results. 

We went even more nuts (pun intended) yesterday when we learned that Chris Scheurman had won the Best Director award for Lost Solace at this year’s Auckland International Film Festival, an awesome achievement, and one well deserved.

Lost Solace

To find out more about Lost Solace head over to the website. It’s currently set for a 2017 release in Canada, so keep an eye out!

Image Credit: Jeremy van Nieuwkerk