Team Q&A with Verena

Here at Ecstatic we employ people based on their talent, personality and love of all things design. We feel it’s important to let you get to know us both as a company and as individuals, and so the Team Q&A is born!


Verena Dreikauß


Senior Designer & Strategist


What/who/where is currently inspiring you?
Geometric and structured forms, Scandinavian Design


Best thing about living in Vancouver?
The view.
Being able to have the creative, community driven and city life atmosphere, but also being minutes away from desolate, nature packed outdoor locations.


Favourite local bar/restaurant/shop?
Restaurant: Flying Pig for dinner; The Roundel for breakfast
Local Bar: Bier Craft on the Drive; the shed at my friends’ backyard


Quiet log cabin in the middle of nowhere or non-stop week-long music festival?
Quiet cabin in the middle of nowhere with my own music.


Favourite project/s you’ve worked on at Ecstatic & why?
The first VanOpen event because of the way we got the project, how we were able to shape it and being able to experience it all after it was finished.
The DWV Leisure Guide because it is always nice to rebrand/design those complex items—and I do have a thing for lists, charts etc.


What’s the most important thing for a design/branding agency to focus on?
Listening to the client’s ideas and supporting them by combining your knowledge and their vision into the best end results.


We’ll be publishing the Team Q&A fairly regularly with other members of the team; making sure you meet us all and understand a little more about who Ecstatic are. If there’s anything specific you want to know in the form of a question then let us know, although nothing too personal please!