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  • car free day vancouver

    Car Free Day Commercial Drive 2016!

    Jam packed with fun for all ages, Commercial Drive is the birthplace of Car Free Day Vancouver. Roller Disco, parading drummers, healing gardens, DJ’s spinning beats and all of your friends and neighbours hanging out. Bring your PASSIONS, your ENERGY and your CREATIVITY to the street! Spanning 15 blocks from Venables to Broadway! West End… Read more »

  • Trump Presidency

    A Trump Presidency Isn’t All That Bad For Canada

    BLOOMBERG TV GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump says he’s in favour of renegotiating NAFTA, opposing the TPP and that climate change is a hoax. How would a Trump presidency affect US-Canada trade relations versus a Hillary Clinton presidency? Bloomberg North’s Rudyard Griffiths talks to James West, independent capital markets entrepreneur and writer of the Midas… Read more »