Camp Lifestyle + Coffee Co.

A modern lifestyle store for the sustainable and responsible camper.

Project Focus: Retail, Coffee, B2C
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What We Did

A Modern Lifestyle Store for the Conscious Camper

Camp Lifestyle + Coffee Co. offers Whistler locals and tourists everything from a modern espresso bar to clothing and home goods. With this broad range of specialty goods sourced and crafted in North America, Camp’s motto is sustainable, local, and quality.

To capture this unique identity, we collaborated closely alongside the owner to provide a full brand service that complemented their vision of an uncomplicated yet bold style. From tone of voice to branded collateral and product design, we sought to infuse every detail with character and sophistication.

  • Brand Positioning + Architecture
  • Visual Identity
  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Guidelines + Playbooks
  • Merchandise + Product Development
  • Asset Production
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Seek beauty, appreciate simplicity, and cause no harm.


Unique goods designed to amplify the camping experience.

Store Signage

Bold and straightforward, representing the Camp brand.


Local Wanderer

"If you’re looking for good coffee, local west coast products, and a rad patio, look no further than Camp Lifestyle + Coffee in Whistler’s Function Junction. The beautiful, open space is so different than most of what you’ll find in Whistler, and we are big fans of their gorgeous design."

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